Austin Waddy




Human Development & Family Studies


Marietta, GA

How has New Maroon Camp impacted you? : 

New Maroon Camp impacted me greatly. When I was in high school, I was very shy and timid, but camp really helped shape and mold me to grow into the person I always wanted to be. I learned that it was OK to be yourself and that you should be proud of who you are.

Favorite Song/Artist: 

Any J. Cole song -- LOL

Favorite Food: 

Cheeseburgers with Honey mustard on the side!

When asked about a “Dream Date”: 

Austin said, "My dream date would be as follows: I'd take my date to my private island on my private jet, and we would get to know each other all day while swimming in the crystal clear water. We would catch sea food and cook it. As night falls we would make a fire, lay on the beach, and count the stars. Dreamy huh? I know ;)"

Favorite MSU Memory: 

My favorite memory at MSU is last year's Super Bulldog Weekend! I had so much fun! It should be on everyone's bucket list.

Favorite thing about Mississippi State: 

My favorite thing about MSU is that everyone is a part of a big family. Everyone's hearts are so warm and kind. I could not have chosen a better university to attend.

Austin Waddy