Colby Curtis




Civil Engineering


Hattiesburg, MS

How has New Maroon Camp impacted you? : 

It showed me how everybody at Mississippi State is all in this together. We truly are a family. . . a family of DAWGS.

Favorite Song/Artist: 

"When You Were Young" by The Killers

Favorite Food: 

Redfish Tacos

When asked about a “Dream Date”: 

Colby said, "My date and I are chilling by a fire on the inside of Elton John's house eating lobster while he's playing to us and it's pouring rain outside."

Favorite MSU Memory: 

That moment when we beat the #4 Texas A&M Aggies. In that moment, all the pain of recent defeats was replaced with our joy and then a little anger towards the officers for not letting us rush the field.

Favorite thing about Mississippi State: 

The people, hands down. The friends I've made here at Mississippi State make the experience.

Colby Curtis