Elise Moore






Madison, MS

How has New Maroon Camp impacted you? : 

New Maroon Camp changed everything for me. I came to camp very reluctant to come to MSU, but after being poured into and encouraged this place became my second home!

Favorite Song/Artist: 

Bennie and the Jets

Favorite Food: 

Fried Chicken

When asked about a “Dream Date”: 

Elise said, "My Dream date would be at a John Mayer concert in some city. John Mayer had always been my true bae so they need to know that up front."

Favorite MSU Memory: 

My favorite memory was actually at New Maroon Camp when I received my cowbell and transformed from New Maroon to True Maroon. I finally felt a part of the family and that people would be there through all walks of life.

Favorite thing about Mississippi State: 

I could say a lot of different things, but without a doubt the people make this place so special!

Elise Moore