Emily Box






Jackson, MS

How has New Maroon Camp impacted you? : 

I learned that everyone at MSU is just as kind and genuine as they seem. I loved having the upperclassmen looking out for all of us our FIRST week on campus. It meant a lot to know we were that loved and cherished.

Favorite Song/Artist: 

Anything by Imagine Dragons

Favorite Food: 

Mac and cheese!

When asked about a “Dream Date”: 

Emily said, "My dream date would be a day spent exploring a city in a country I've never been to. We'd go window-shopping, try lots of different foods, and do something crazy like hang gliding."

Favorite MSU Memory: 

When I first got to MSU, I met a girl who told me she was looking for the person whose mom set her parents up. It turns out that it was my mom, and we were both so awestruck by it that we haven't stopped talking about it since. Now we're best friends, have pledged the same sorority, and get to serve on the New Maroon Camp staff together!

Favorite thing about Mississippi State: 

I love the people at Mississippi State. It truly feels like a family here and I think I can speak for everyone when I say it feels just like coming home.

Emily Box