New Maroon Is. . .

In a recent survey that we had our New Maroon Camp staff fill out, we asked everyone what New Maroon Camp means to them, and how New Maroon Camp has impacted them. Based on these answers, it's evident how impactful this camp is to our university and its students, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

"Everything I am involved in and have succeeded in I can trace back to a connection, experience, or piece of knowledge that I gained from New Maroon Camp. I learned so much about myself and my abilities to make a difference on campus and became so much more comfortable in my new environment -- as well as made many friendships that I still hold dear to this day."

Shelby Baldwin - Madison, MS

"Since I'm from so far away, New Maroon Camp helped me realize that Mississippi State is a family that will always be there for you whenever you need help!"

Kelly Blary - Miami, FL

"I learned that everyone at MSU is just as kind and genuine as they seem. I loved having the upperclassmen looking out for all of us our FIRST week on campus. It meant a lot to know we were that loved and cherished!" 

Emily Box - Jackson, MS