New Maroon Camp is a week-long student led retreat that prepares first year students for the transition to Mississippi State University. At New Maroon Camp, students learn what it really means to be a Mississippi State Bulldog. This includes giving students the opportunity to experience and learn about MSU history & traditions (the cowbell, the Chapel of Memories, etc.), meet other incoming students, and gain insight into freshman year -- all while moving into their residence hall early!

At Mississippi State University, we pride ourselves on being a family.  At New Maroon Camp, we carry on this legacy by placing campers into one of six family groups.  In these family groups, students will participate in team competitions and group discussions, allowing them to develop deeper relationships with their counselors and peers before classes even begin.

We hope that you will take advantage of this great opportunity to start YOUR LEGACY here at Mississippi State!

Hail State!

Curious about what goes on at camp? Below is an example schedule of a day of camp. Each day will be a little different, of course, but this how days will be structured. 

New Maroon Camp example schedule