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2015 Staff Application

Interested in helping us with our 2015 New Maroon Camp? Please fill out and print the application, and bring it to your interview. For questions or information, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is New Maroon like Orientation?

No. New Maroon Camp is not a replacement or substitute for Orientation. While there may be concepts and information reviewed at New Maroon that were introduced at Orientation, New Maroon Camp is a fundamental building block from which students can learn to embrace concepts associated with student success and student engagement. New Maroon Camp is also an initial opportunity for students to discover and embrace the rich traditions and history of Mississippi State University

Volunteer Spotlight

Casey McGee

Programming Staff
Casey McGee

Class: Senior

Major: Communication concentration in Public Relations

Hometown: Starkville, MS

Favorite Place on Campus: Hunter Henry Center (If that doesn't count as "on campus," then go with The Junction)