New Maroon Camp

Your new #NMC17 Staff!

After a lot of hard work and long hours, we finally have a staff for #NMC17!

With 72 Counselors and 26 Programming Staffers, we will begin preparing for New Maroon Camp all throughout the spring semester. This is an AMAZING group and we are so excited to add them to the family!

Staff List


Frequently Asked Question

Is New Maroon Camp like Orientation?

No. New Maroon Camp is not a replacement or substitute for Orientation. While there may be concepts and information reviewed at New Maroon that were introduced at Orientation, New Maroon Camp is a fundamental building block from which students can learn to embrace concepts associated with student success and student engagement. New Maroon Camp is also an initial opportunity for students to discover and embrace the rich traditions and history of Mississippi State University.

One could say New Maroon Camp is the "next step" after orientation, so to speak. At orientation, students will learn all about the University and general information that all students need to know about their experience at Mississippi State. At New Maroon Camp, students will meet hundreds of their classmates and get to learn how to make the very best of their time at Mississippi State.