Registration for New Maroon Camp 2018 will be made available on our website,, on APRIL 18, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. Central Time!

Mark your calendars -- you don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

In our online registration portal, those who complete the form will either receive a confirmation message or an error message asking them to try again.

It is important to be aware that the registration process CANNOT BE COMPLETED until payment has been made. So, when you decide to fill out your registration form, make sure you're ready to pay the camp fee!

Once a student has registered for New Maroon Camp, payment in the form of a credit card will be made to the Mississippi State University New Maroon Camp program. You can also return to the registration site to pay online. If interested in more information about scholarships, please contact our staff at or at (662) 325-2279.

New Maroon Camp is open to all first-year MSU students. Transfer students will gain insight into their upcoming MSU experience alongside other first-year MSU students. We highly encourage all transfer students to attend New Maroon Camp, so they can get connected with others and ease their transition before classes begin.


Lucky for YOU, New Maroon Camp is August 12-18 this year, which is after the College Ready and Summer Bridge programs finish up!

Unfortunately, we are unable to say an exact day or time when students will be notified about their placement for camp, but the student executive staff is hoping to notify everyone by the end of July. So, make sure to be checking your MSU email (Bully Mail) through throughout July and the beginning of August in order to receive any information regarding camp!

Last year we had 100% placement from the waiting list into camp, so we are diligently working again this year so that can be the case for NMC18 as well. 


Students that attend New Maroon Camp will be allowed to move into their fall residence hall assignment during the New Maroon Camp check-in on August 12!

(That's 6 whole days before anyone else can move in... talk about "exclusive.")


If you apply for a New Maroon Camp Financial Need-Based Scholarship, but do not receive one, you will then be emailed by a New Maroon Camp executive staff member or adviser explaining how you can go back into your registration form and pay for camp in order to keep your spot.


Your spot will be resereved for one week after receiving notice about needing to pay for camp in order to attend.

Refunds are available up until June 1st. No refunds will be given after that date.

No. New Maroon Camp is not a replacement or substitute for Orientation. While there may be concepts and information reviewed at New Maroon that were introduced at Orientation, New Maroon Camp is a fundamental building block from which students can learn to embrace concepts associated with student success and student engagement. New Maroon Camp is also an initial opportunity for students to discover and embrace the rich traditions and history of Mississippi State University.

One could say New Maroon Camp is the "next step" after orientation, so to speak. At orientation, students will learn all about the University and general information that all students need to know about their experience at Mississippi State. At New Maroon Camp, students will meet hundreds of their classmates and get to learn how to make the very best of their time at Mississippi State.

This year, New Maroon Camp 2018 registation will close the morning on July 10, 2018.

Don't miss your opportunity to attend the largest New Maroon Camp session yet! Sign up before July 10!

Ever wonder what your camp fee pays for?

The camp fee covers the follwoing things:

  • Student access to university dining services a week early
  • Other catered meals provided to students
  • Housing in one's dorm room assignment for the fall semester-- provided by MSU Department of Housing and Residence Life. (Typically, it would cost around $40/night to stay in a residence hall before move in day!)
  • Rental and cleaning fees for facilities and auditoriums used during the week of camp
  • Supplies for all the games and activities played during camp!
  • Additional supplies for counselors, programming staff, and executive staff for the week of camp (i.e. trash bags, clipboards/binders, batteries etc.)
  • On-campus housing for the New Maroon Camp staff during the week of camp. (We are a 100% volunteer based staff!)
  • New Maroon Camp welcome bag
  • New Maroon Camp T-Shirt
  • New Maroon Camp Cowbell
  • Additional money goes toward paying for minor charges throughout the year in preparation for the next year of camp (i.e. engraving the New Maroon Camp trophy, printing and framing camp photo for the NMC office, NMC staff training and retreat etc.)

***This year, New Maroon Camp will cost $250 for those who do not recieve a New Maroon Camp Financial Need-Based Scholarship.

New Maroon Camp is a six-day, five-night student-led retreat that prepares first-year students for the transition to Mississippi State University. At New Maroon Camp, students learn what it really means to be a Mississippi State Bulldog.

Students will learn MSU history and traditions, meet other new students, find opportunities to get involved, and learn about the MSU campus.

Some would call New Maroon Camp "their favorite experience of their college careers." Visit our "About Us" tab to read more about the NMC experience!

The camp fee for New Maroon Camp 2018 is $250. 

When New Maroon Camp has reached its registation capacity, paid registration will be closed and a waiting list will open up to allow students to tentatively sign up for camp in the case that some students choose not to attend. If you choose to sign up for the NMC waiting list, you will not be charged at that time, but rather will only be asked to pay if you are later notified about an available spot for you at camp.

Being on the waiting list does not confirm nor ensure your attendance at camp. Rather, you will only be able to attend NMC if other students chose not to attend MSU or NMC, making more spots available to students on the waiting list.

Even if the regular registration form is closed and the waiting list is open, we highly encourage everyone who wants to attend camp to sign up on the waiting list! In years past, there was a 100% placement of waiting list students into camp!

The only definite way to not go to New Maroon Camp is not signing up! So register or sign up for the waiting list today!

Tentative Packing List

  • MSU Student ID
  • Towels
  • Linens
  • Pillow
  • Clothes to be active in
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Undergarments
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Jacket/Umbrella
  • Bathing Suit
  • Gear from your High School -- T-shirt, jersey, etc.
  • Toiletries
  • Medicine if you need it
  • Phone Charger
  • Head Lamp/Flashlight
  • Clothes and shoes you can get messy/ruin
  • Water Bottle!
  • Sweatshirt or light jacket if you get cold easily
  • Snacks if you'd like
  • A small backpack or purse for your water bottle, phone etc. if you would like
  • Clothing and accessories in your family group color -- A few days before New Maroon Camp, all students attending will receive notice about which family group they are assigned and therefore will know what color they should wear to represent their team!

In addition, plan to bring all items you plan on bringing to Mississippi State for the Fall since you will be moving in to your Residence Hall!

Simply put, New Maroon Camp registration closes when capacity is met. This year, NMC18 capacity is set at 900 students. 

In some years, capacity is not met until the middle of the summer, but in more recent years, camp capacity was quickly met early in the summer. Therefore, if you want to attend NMC18 and haven't signed up yet, we highly encourage you to register TODAY by clicking the Register Now tab located at the top left banner of our website!

New Maroon Camp 2018 will take place from August 12-18, 2018 -- the week before students move in!

Students will move in on August 12, attend New Maroon Camp August 13-17, and then help with MVU2MSU on August 18.

According to the official Mississippi State calendar., the first day of classes will be August 22.

All scholarship requests should be approved or denied between the beginning and the middle of July.


Within the first few weeks of July, an email will be sent to your MyState Bully Mail that is attached to your NetID, and that email will explain what to do after being approved or denied of your scholarship request.

New Maroon Camp 2018 will take place on Mississippi State's campus this year, with students living in their assigned residence halls for the Fall 2018 Semester. Being on campus for this week will give students an awesome chance to get acclimated with everything on campus!

New Maroon Camp is managed and led by MSU students with diverse and experienced backgrounds. Most of the students have held key leadership positions across a broad spectrum of student organizations. Mature, talented and spirited, the New Maroon Camp Programming Staff and Counselor group has volunteered countless hours during the past year to prepare for New Maroon Camp 2018 and are excited about New Maroon Camp. The New Maroon Camp student staff is advised by on-site MSU administrators. 

Feel free to take a look at the "Our Team" tab to see staff profiles of all of our staff members!

Sometimes, but not always, if you qualify for a PELL Grant, and if you have fully completed and filed for FAFSA through Mississippi State before July 1, 2018, then you may qualify for a NMC Financial Need-Based Scholarship.


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has worked directly with New Maroon Camp to ensure that those who would like to attend both Panhellenic Recruitment and NMC will be able to do so.
Both New Maroon Camp and Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment will take place from August 12-18, 2018 but are uniquely and intricately designed for students to attend both. 
If a student chooses to go through recruitment while attending New Maroon Camp, she will not miss any group events. We understand that Greek life is very important to a large portion of our incoming students, and New Maroon Camp is committed to ensuring that students can experience both!

We will be utilizing both meal plans and other catering services throughout the week of camp.

Part of the registration fee is being able to open campus dining services a week and a half early. Typically, those operations do not open until the first day of classes, but this year New Maroon Camp is using part of the registration fee to open meal facilities for campers to use during the week of camp. 

All meals will be planned by and provided to students throughout the week of camp!


*Additional plans will be made for those students that do not have a meal plan.