Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register?

Registration for New Maroon Camp 2017 will be made available on our website,, on MARCH 22, 2017!

Mark your calendars -- you don't want to miss out on this opportunity!

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How do I know if I am registered for New Maroon Camp 2017?

In our online registration portal, those who complete the form will either receive a confirmation message or an error message asking them to try again.

It is important to be aware that the registration process CANNOT BE COMPLETED until payment has been made. So, when you decide to fill out your registration form, make sure you're ready to pay the camp fee!

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How do I pay for the Camp Fee?

Once a student has registered for New Maroon Camp, payment in the form of a credit card will be made to the Mississippi State University New Maroon Camp program. You can also return to the registration site to pay online. If interested in more information about scholarships, please contact our staff at or at (662) 325-2279.

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If I am a transfer student, can I attend New Maroon Camp?

Yes! New Maroon Camp Transfer provides a fun-filled evening where transfer students are introduced to and learn what it means to be a Mississippi State University Bulldog. Similar to the programming delivered at New Maroon Camp, transfer students will learn about the University’s history and traditions: including our Alma Mater and Fight Song, meet other transfer students, and gain insight into their upcoming MSU experience. Led by the all-student New Maroon Camp 2017 staff, along with Transfer Student Association members, New Maroon Camp Transfer can provide you with the opportunity to start YOUR LEGACY here at Mississippi State!

Our 2017 Transfer Session will take place on August 23rd from 5:00 - 8:00 P.M. We will have a booth on the Drill Field where Students can sign up that first week of classes!

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If I am attending the College Ready or Summer Bridge program will I still be able to attend New Maroon Camp?

Yes! Lucky for YOU, New Maroon Camp is August 8th-12th this year, which is after the College Ready and Summer Bridge programs finish up!

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If I attend New Maroon Camp, will I be able to move into my Fall residence hall during camp?

Yes! Students that attend New Maroon Camp will be allowed to move into their fall residence hall assignment during the New Maroon Camp check-in on August 8! 

(That's 5 whole days before anyone else... talk about "exclusive."

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If I've already paid for New Maroon Camp and decide not to come, can I get a refund?

Refunds are available up until July 1st. No refunds will be given after that date.

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Is New Maroon Camp like Orientation?

No. New Maroon Camp is not a replacement or substitute for Orientation. While there may be concepts and information reviewed at New Maroon that were introduced at Orientation, New Maroon Camp is a fundamental building block from which students can learn to embrace concepts associated with student success and student engagement. New Maroon Camp is also an initial opportunity for students to discover and embrace the rich traditions and history of Mississippi State University.

One could say New Maroon Camp is the "next step" after orientation, so to speak. At orientation, students will learn all about the University and general information that all students need to know about their experience at Mississippi State. At New Maroon Camp, students will meet hundreds of their classmates and get to learn how to make the very best of their time at Mississippi State.

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What is New Maroon Camp?

New Maroon Camp is a five-day, four-night student-led retreat that prepares first year students for the transition to Mississippi State University. At New Maroon Camp, students learn what it really means to be a Mississippi State Bulldog.

Students will learn MSU history and traditions, meet other new students, find opportunities to get involved, and learn about the MSU campus.

Some would call New Maroon Camp "their favorite experience of their college careers." Go visit our "About Us" tab to hear more about our staff's NMC experience!

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What is the cost of New Maroon Camp?

The camp fee for New Maroon Camp 2017 is $250. 

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What should I bring to Camp?

Tentative Packing List

MSU Student ID




Clothes to be active in

Tennis Shoes



Rain Jacket/Umbrella 

Bathing Suit

Gear from your High School -- T-shirt, jersey, etc. 


Medicine if you need it

Phone Charger

Head Lamp/Flashlight

Clothes/Shoes you can ruin

Water Bottle

Sweatshirt or jacket if you get cold easily

Snacks if you'd like

In addition, plan to bring all items you plan on bringing to Mississipi State for the Fall since you will be moving in to your Residence Hall!

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When is New Maroon Camp?

New Maroon Camp will take place from August 8-12, 2017 -- the week before students move in!


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Where is New Maroon Camp?

New Maroon Camp 2017 will take place on Mississippi State's campus this year, with students living in their assigned residence halls for the Fall 2017 Semester. Being on campus for this week will give students an awesome chance to get acclimated with everything on campus!

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Who puts on New Maroon Camp?

New Maroon Camp is managed and led by MSU students with diverse and experienced backgrounds. Most of the students have held key leadership positions across a broad spectrum of student organizations. Mature, talented and spirited, the New Maroon Camp Programming Staff and Counselor group has volunteered countless hours during the past year to prepare for New Maroon Camp 2017 and are excited about New Maroon Camp. The New Maroon Camp student staff is advised by on-site MSU administrators. 

Feel free to take a look at the "About Us" tab to see staff profiles of all of our staff members!

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Will New Maroon Camp interfere with Sorority or Fraternity Recruitment?


New Maroon Camp will take place from August 8-12, 2017. 

Panhellenic Recruitment Orientation will take place on August 11th, 2017 at 5:00 pm, and will last roughly an hour long. 

During that time, any student at New Maroon Camp participating in Sorority Recruitment can go to the orientation session and meet back with the group after! We understand that Greek life is very important to a large portion of our incoming students, and New Maroon Camp is committed to ensuring that students can experience both!

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