In a recent survey that we had our New Maroon Camp staff fill out, we asked everyone what New Maroon Camp means to them, and how New Maroon Camp has impacted them. Based on these answers, it's evident how impactful this camp is to our university and its students, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

This year is my first affiliation with New Maroon Camp and it has been amazing how welcoming everyone has been and how quickly I felt like I was part of this awesome family! It hasn’t been difficult to see how great this organization really is.

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Anthony Abraham
2020 Counselor

Being a counselor is possibly the most fulfilling thing I have done at Mississippi State. You are a constant, friendly face for students to rely on throughout the year. I was making a difference just by being a friend, showing people around campus, answering questions etc.

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Easton Sheffield
2019 Counselor

It has introduced me to some of my closest friends and it has made me love MSU so much. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

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Brooks Burgess
2020 Programming Staff

That week full of excitement, stomach butterflies, and memories that you'll keep close many years after college graduation. But the thing that I treasure and feel is most valuable about New Maroon Camp is the once in a lifetime opportunity to just BEGIN.

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Domenic DiStefano
2020 Counselor

My New Maroon Camp experience as a was a 10/10! I LOVED IT!!! My counselor became like a bigger sister to me. I immediately had a friend the first day.

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Jada Hardy
2019 Camper

NMC is special to me because it’s such a safe and fun environment to form friends. Although the camp is only a week long, I was able to form long lasting relationships with those who also attended.

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Alia Echols
2019 Camper

New Maroon Camp is special because in a sense, it never ends. Camps of all kinds can be enjoyed for a week or a matter of days, but the bonds formed in NMC remain with campers throughout their college careers.

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John William Ables
2019 Camper

For New Maroon Camp this year, I look forward to giving campers what my counselors gave me. I want to become a mentor, friend, and support system for upcoming freshman. For me, having counselors and friends to uplift me and encourage me during that first week of school is what made my first moments at Mississippi State so enjoyable.

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Ashya Richardson
2020 Counselor

New Maroon Camp is special because it is just a bunch of people who love their school coming together to love each other well and desire for others to love MSU as well.

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Mollie Adams
2020 Counselor